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The State of Maternal Health in India

This intervention discusses the state of maternal health in India.

Making the Case for Same-Sex Marriage

This intervention makes the case for legalising same-sex marriage in the country.

Forging Uncharted Horizons: Navigating the Risks of AI

With its problem-solving capabilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could very well be the unrivalled solution to the most intractable problems of our time. However, AI might not just yet be the icing on the cake we were looking for- there are significant constraints to be considered that prevent it from being a perfect solution to all possible problems, and the debate on ethics of Artificial Intelligence remains ridden with complexities.

The Tremoring Earth: Preparing for the Catastrophe

This reading list underscores the need to put in place a framework and plan of action for the swift rescue and reconstruction work after disasters strike, and the importance of earthquake preparedness in India. By building better norms, learning from examples across the globe, and putting checks and balances in place, countries can substantially reduce the scale of any imminent disaster. It explains the impetus to involve critical stakeholders beyond the sphere of the government, such as local communities.

Biodiversity Conservation and Indigenous Knowledge Systems

India has a rich history of indigenous knowledge systems. But how well has it fared in preserving them? This reading list compiles cases from different parts of the country to sketch out the state of biodiversity conservation.

The Invisibility of Women in Conflict Zones

This reading list examines women’s complex experience in conflict zones along with their potential to emerge as equal stakeholders in conflict zones for ensuring rehabilitation and mitigation. This analysis maps the risks and vulnerabilities it exposes them to, their experiences, how sexual offences are frequently trivialised in the volatile space that is a war zone, and more.

The Global Rise of Authoritarianism

Authoritarianism was the dominant political form in the pre-constitutional, pre-democratic societies present in the form of monarchy and autocracy. Amongst its proponents were Aristotle and Plato making it a prominent part of the foundational political thought. But what makes it persist amidst other political alternatives in the present times? This reading list explores the evolving trends of authoritarianism across the world.

The Russia–Ukraine War and the Unfolding Global Disorder

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has culminated into a full-blown war, emerging in a deep humanitarian crisis, and effects can be felt far beyond the region. This reading list delves into the genesis of the conflict, and what is at stake for the world.

The Politics of Belonging in India

This reading list attempts to explore the new politics of belonging in India and intends to reflect on the present socio-political fractures that consequently arise, and explore alternative ways of looking at belonging.

Dissent in a Democracy: Political Imprisonment under the UAPA in India

This reading list explores the history, impact and implications of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.


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