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And Now... Compulsory Overtime in Japan

Harkin is the liberal, and Kerrey is somewhere in between, Clinton, who was selected by Michael Dukakis to give the keynote address at the party's convention in 1988, is a key player in the Democratic Leadership Council, which was founded in 1985 on the absurd notion that the party was too liberal. Harkin has one of the most progressive records in the US Senate, and is expected to pick up substantial backing from what remains of organised labour. But so far he has failed to generate much enthusiasm among core constituencies in the way that the Reverend Jesse Jackson did during the primaries of 1984 and 1988.

Creation of Debt

B C Roy's respect by taking a firm stand when the occasion required it.
The years up till 1955 were for Mitra years of preparation for more solid work later. As the director of the state census, he became familiar with the social and demographic structure

Managing Labour in Japan

DN The Japanese system of production has intensified the exploitation of the worker. Japanese capital has been able to get more out of the worker than the Ford-Thylor system of assembly line production which had been the basis of American industrial supremacy in an earlier age MANAGEMENT and labour relations are hardly the stuff of which one would expect nationalist myths to be fabricated. But that is exactly what has happened in the case of Japan. According to Ishihara a "Japanese work ethic" is the reason why Japanese companies outperform their US counterparts. Or, again, "In Japan there is no open discrimination on the basis of position, class (everyone knows the word but the post-war generation has no feeling for what it really means), or income" [The Japan Thai Can Say Not 1991, p 82].

Japan From Industry to Finance

DN History has its own way of dealing with once-haughty hegemonic powers. Today Japan is strutting the world with the arrogance of financial strength born of industrial supremacy Will it also suffer the same fate one day?

Kashmir and India

DN For the pan-Indian bourgeoisie it is as a captive market for its manufactures that Kashmir is important and not as an area of investment. That is the reason why customs barriers between Kashmir and the rest of India were lifted while restrictions on non-Kashmiri ownership of property in Kashmir were left untouched.

Gandhi, Ambedkar and Separate Electorates Issue

Electorates Issue DN The objective of Gandhi's "epic' Yeravada fast was to force the dalits, under Ambedkar, to accept their position of being subordinated to the politically dominant sections of the Hindu community.

Inter-Imperialist Contradictions behind Gulf War

behind Gulf War DN THE Gulf war witnessed an impressive line-up of all the major powers, including the imperialist powers, on the same side. Some provided the armed forces, some others promised money to meet the costs of the war, while yet others merely supported UN Security Council resolutions authorising war against Iraq. Such a lineup of all the major powers would have been unthinkable as recently as a couple of years ago, when the Soviet Union still counted as a superpower and superpower contention affected every aspect of international politics. In fact, we would have to go back to the late nineteenth century to find another example of a joint military expedition of all the major powers: the crushing of the Yi Ho Tuan uprising (Boxer rebellion) in China.

Which Political Solution for Punjab

Everyone, it seems, agrees that there should be a political solution to the Punjab problem, but what kind of political solution and what would be the means to achieve it?

Land Struggle in Basuhari

DN The protracted land struggle in Basuhari, with the land now being in the possession of the formerly landless, is beginning to have some impact on the farm labourers' movement in Bihar's Rohtas district. The Basuhari experience also brings out the need for a separate women's organisation to ensure recognition of their specific position in the class.

Women and Forests

Women and Forests THE role of women in forest economy and in saving forests has been a subject of much recent discussion. One of the most provocative analyses of this question is found in Vandana Shiva's Staying Alive (1988) (Reviewed in EPW, February 18, 1989). Here we will look at some of the questions raised, in the light of the situation prevailing among the adivasis of Jharkhand.

A Page from History Lenin and Georgia

Czarist Russia was acknowledged by Lenin and the Bolsheviks to be a 'prison-house of nations' and so the Bolshevik struggle against national oppression made the 'right to secede' an important aspect of their national policy.

Alliance in Bank Computerisation

In return for a small amount of money, the State Bank of India Employees' Association has surrendered to the bank management the right to automate bank operations in any manner the management thinks fit And, if State Bank goes on this path, can the other government banks be far behind?


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