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From Mentor to Master West and East in the World Order

From Mentor to Master: West and East in the World Order Pipankar Sinha From the third world perspective, it is unfortunate that more than the propagational efficiency of the first world, it is the ever- decreasing self-assurance of the third world which is reinforcing the 'west knows better' attitude. This seems to be a truism if one refers to the New International Economic Order.

In Search of a New Paradigm

sufficient landless and rural poor as perhaps the only democratic way of curbing the rising power of the rich peasant/farmer class..."? It is the ruling ideas of the rich peasant/farmer class which will keep on reasserting themselves and hegemonise pver the rural poor

Information Game Lesson from Gulf War

functions.. Although term financing by banks and directly from the capital market has been growing, would a historically British-oriented banking system be able to move over to a wholly integrated German-style functioning? Will it have the skills and resources? Instead of a water-tight demarcation of functions, what seems to be practicable is definition of fairly high minimum levels of term lending for financial institutions, thus increasing the scope for banks without banishing the financial institutions altogether from what has been their main business.


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