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Options for Strengthening Municipal Finances

The extent and nature of intergovernmental transfers to our cities from the higher levels of governments have not been paid adequate attention in the report. International experience from both developed and emerging economies suggests a much higher level of IGT to local governments. The transfers are especially critical in view of the goods and services tax regime, which has left out any provision for the third tier of governments.

A Glass Half Full? Urban Development (1990s to 2010)

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission adopted a reform-linked funding approach, the culmination of two decades of active debate and experimentation in the urban development sector. Yet, progress of both fund utilisation and reforms under the programme has been tardy. As a second phase of the mission is planned, the three major themes of importance are decentralisation, especially in the fiscal arena, commercial financing of infrastructure projects, and service delivery to the urban poor.

Housing Finance System and Urban Poor

Meera Mehta Dinesh Mehta With the establishment of the National Housing Bank and the emergence of many private and joint sector housing finance companies the housing finance system has grown during the last decade and become market oriented.

Priorities in Urban Planning and National Commission on Urbanisation

Commission on Urbanisation Meera Mehta Dinesh Mehta The critical area of concern in regard to the Final Report of the National Commission on Urbanisation relates to identification of appropriate policies and programmes to achieve the aims specified by the commission. Here the commission's claim that it "has identified in almost every case, viable programmes that merit our most urgent consideration" is questionable. The policies and programmes set out in the report are neither explicit nor always the 'most relevant'. At times, important concerns have been simply ignored.

National Housing Bank Financing Housing or Shelter

of the Poor' and 'Rules without Law', Indian Express, August 10, 11, 1984; Aurobindo Ghosh, impact of Delhi Anti- Encroachment Bills; EPW, September 8, 1984, and 'No to Encroachment', Frontier, September 15, 1984; Amiya Rao, 'Legalising Operation Demolition', EPW, September 8, 1984; 'Goa: Criminalising Law', Housing Struggle, 2-3, 1987, 12 'MCD Not to Demolish Dwelling Units', Hindustan Times Evening News (New Delhi), December 4, 1987; 'MCD Allows Building Repairs', Indian Express, December 5, 1987.

Metropolitan Housing Markets-A Case Study of Ahmedabad

This paper deals with the structure of housing supply in metropolitan Ahmedabad over the last two decades. The nature of accretion to and the spatial distribution of housing stock, the principal participants in the housing market and the beneficiaries of the existing arrangements are discussed. An attempt is made to understand the nature of state intervention

Faith in Invisible Hand-Draft National Housing Policy

Draft National Housing Policy Meera Mehta Dinesh Mehta The authors of the government's Draft National Housing Policy (DNHP) are not troubled by doubts that the housing market may not cater to the poor. The emphasis on 'affordable shelter9 also makes it clear that the draft policy views housing in the context of the present skewed distribution of income and wealth and makes no attempt to use housing as a vehicle to achieve a better distribution of resources. What could be an alternative framework within which the DNHP could be recast?

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