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Frustrated Moderniser

The Cluster Approach S Guhan THIS book is part of the output from the 'Tumkur Project' of the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. The project is a systematic, interdisciplinary attempt to look at problems of rural development in the perspective of clusters of villages as the 'unit-area' of development. The 'cluster approach' was first outlined by V K R V Rao in his Convocation Address (1977) to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. It is based on the perception that" both welfare-oriented and growth-oriented rural development should be optimally planned for on the basis of groups or clusters of villages rather than on single village basis or in terms of ad- ministrative units such as blocks and taluks.

Constitutional Reform and National Movement

cesses' and the 'Ultra-Left' line of the work team members in Long Bow were necessary in that context, for it was because of the pursuit of that policy that the poor peasants of Long Bow were able to fanshen.) The self-criticism of Hinton reaches rather absurd lengths when he proceeds to examine the fairly numerous quotations from Liu which formed the epigraphs to the many chapters of his earlier work; in his latest pamphlet, Hinton discovers that the statements which he had considered re volutionary a bare three years ago are now either opportunistic statements, or statements which are 'revolutionary' in word, but counter-revolutionary in intent. They are the words of "a renegade skilled at waving a red flag to attack the red flag of Mao Tse-tung". One can only say that it is fortunate that the original work is still available to us, as it was written; and one can even overlook this outburst of ill-tempered zealousness, for after all, Hinton did give us "Fanshen".

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