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Profile of Leadership in a Developing Society

The possession of charisma may be a necessary but not a sufficient condition for being an effective leader. Charisma is a function of followership which, in turn, is fashioned by the innate capacity of the leadership to perceive the nature and direction of change and to articulate the dormant feelings of the followers.

Assessing the Level of Interest Rates in Less Developed Countries

Assessing the Level of Interest Rates in Less Developed Countries Deena R Khatkhate This paper underscores the difficulties of measuring the level of real interest rates and suggests an alternative to approximate real interest rates in less developed countries (LDCs). The rationale for doing so lies in the fact that there needs to be a reasonable relationship between domestic nominal interest rate and adjusted foreign interest rate since, even in LDCs with trade and exchange controls, domestic currency and financial assets are always substituted, legally or otherwise, for foreign currency and financial assets.

POTOMAC MUSINGS-Transformation of the Blacks

There was a time when race and class were indistinguishable in the US. Now change with all its political and social connotations is in the air. In behaviour patterns

Are High Interest Rate Policies Inevitable in LDCs

Inevitable in LDCs?
Deena R Khatkhate This note examines whether the argument that interest rates should he higher in the less developed countries because the marginal productivity of capital is higher has any validity as a basis for pursuing high interest rate policies in these countries.

Money and Monetary Policy in Less Developed Countries- Survey of Issues and Evidence

In less developed countries money's role need neither be denigrated nor exaggerated, Money's traditional functions as medium of exchange and store of value remain important in these countries, but its function as a conduit of resources from savers to investors is more central to an understanding of its con- tribution to development. This view of money and monetary policy in the less developed countries has been strengthened in recent years by a growing body of theoretical and empirical work in this area.

Money Illusion, Many Allusions

Money Illusion, Many Allusions Deena R Khatkhate Money and Capital in Economic Development by Ronald I McKinnon; The Brookings Institute, Washington, DC, 1973; pp xii + 117.

Rigmarole on Monetary Projections

Deena R Khatkhate Monetary projection exercises in India have served, on the whole, a very useful purpose in that they have provided a logical basis, however imperfect, for the policymaker's hunches and judgments. This paper argues that most of the criticisms directed against these projections are misplaced for the reason that they attempt to place them in a strait-jacket of preconceived ideas and theories.

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