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Eliciting Health Insurance Benefit Choices of Low Income Groups

An appropriate scheme of health insurance must respond to clients' priorities, yet cover a finite and affordable benefit package. A variety of methods have been developed so far to engage the public in prioritising services. This paper deals with a plan that allows variably educated populations who are inexperienced with health insurance to pick health benefits. The decision exercise reported here enhances popular understanding (1) that even within a limited premium there is a choice of different package compositions; and (2) that the level of the premium determines the expectation of coverage by health insurance.

Health Insurance for the Poor: Myths and Realities

Based on a survey in seven locations, this article finds that most Indians are willing to pay 1.35 per cent of income or more for health insurance and most people prefer a holistic benefit package at basic coverage over high coverage of only rare events. The needs of the poor, and their demand for health insurance, depend on local conditions.

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