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South Korea US Empire Changes Gear

David Boggett The policy requirements of the US in Asia have changed with the rapprochement with Chim initiated by the Nixon/Kissinger team. In the changed situation, it is only on the Korean peninsula that the US (and Japan) are in confrontation with China. So, to consolidate the rapprochement with China, the anomaly of confrontation on the Korean peninsula needs to be resolved. The murder of Park Chimg-hee in October 1979 and the developments since then in South Korea, it is suggested in this note, have to be understood against this background.

Democratic Kampuchea and Human Rights-Correcting the Record

Correcting the Record David Boggett This article seeks to demonstrate that (a) the allegations against the government and Communist Party of Kampuchea of gross violation of hu man rights have been grossly distorted; (b) the sources of the allegations are, in almost all cases, extremely suspect, having vested interests in discrediting the Pol Pot regime; (c) the almost general appearance of such reports in the general Western press has been no more accident, but rather a concerted effort to conceal the true causes of the Khmer people's misery; and (d) the restructuring of Khmer society by the Pol Pot government was not a fanatical attempt to put back the clock, but the only possible way for a responsible administration to alleviate the extreme miseries which faced the Khmer nation in 1975.

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