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Comments on Understanding of Livestock

Any analysis of India's livestock sector must take into account the region-specific growth of the sector, micro-level economic viability of production, and the role of women's unpaid labour, among other factors. All these are crucial to understand whether India's livestock sector will grow sustainably in the future.

Working Capital and Credit Needs of Foodgrains Distribution in India

of Foodgrains Distribution in India D K Desai V Ramachandran This paper attempts to estimate the working capital required (or the procurement and distribution of foodgrains. To arrive at the financial requirements for foodgrains distribution, estimates of the marketed surplus are needed. Instead of assuming a certain percentage of the total foodgrains production as the marketed surplus, a different technique was employed to estimate the marketed surplus. Based on the prices and stocks of foodgrains required at the beginning of the months and the marketed surplus of foodgrains, the working capital requirements were estimated for different years.

Planning and Implementation of Financing the Area Development Scheme

the Area Development Scheme D K Desai Hari Prakash The area approach in agricultural financing was adopted by the commercial banks to overcome their loch of an infrastructure in the rural areas by concentrating on definite regions. At the same time, to develop the necessary expertise and to pool the necessary financial resources for agricultural financing, the banks sponsored the Agricultural Finance Corporation in 1968.

Is Inadequacy of Institutional Credit a Problem in Changing Agriculture

B M Desai D K Desai An earlier study had indicated that farmers tend to substitute commercial hank credit for their own funds and/for other sources of finance, and that this substitution has no significant impact on farm production, This article is therefore based on the connected question: "Is inadequacy of the existing insiitu tional credit facilities a problem in changing agriculture?". The' question is important because of the Widespread notion that inadequacy of credit is a serious bottleneck in the adoption of the new technology.

Intensive Agricultural District Programme-Analysis of Results

Analysis of Results D K Desai The results of the Intensive Agricultural District Programme indicate that the strategy of intensification of effort on an area basis has not achieved the objective of rapid increase in agricultural production.

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