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Israel versus the Palestinian Nation

Israel versus the Palestinian Nation Christopher Collingwood Peace in the Middle East: Reflections on Justice and Nationhood, by Noam Chomsky; Vintage Books, New York, 1974; pp 198; $ 1.95.

A Little Ferment

A Little Ferment Christopher Collingwood American Power and the New Mandarins by Noarn Chomsky; Chatto and Windus, 1969; pp 319; 42s.
THE relatively quiescent campus years of the fifties, as I recall so vividly within Central Europe, stand juxtaposed to that almost miraculous upsurge and contestation of the sixties. Earlier we had been taught that ideology was dead, and that as young professionals we should embrace the tech- nocratism of the market mechanisms and the moral imperatives endorsed by Keynes that "fair is foul and foul is fair, for foul is useful and lair is not". And after all, there was some logic in this view since the Russians and their Liebermann were preaching much of the same stuff. The artifacts of the impoverished liberal establishment were all there to be seen in the fifties, but the movement of contestation was yet to develop. The acorn had not yet be- unite the oak.

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