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Setback to BJP Christophe Jaffrelot The defeat of the BJP in the 1993 assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh was mainly due to the pro-rich policies of the Patwa government. These policies made the party particularly unpopular among the tribals, the peasants and the OBCs. Wooing these sections of the population now prominently figures in the agenda of all the parties in the state.

Hindu Nationalism Strategic Syncretism-in Ideology Building

The 'primordialist' approach, which sees cultural specificity as leading to ethnic consciousness and the 'instrumentalist' view, which sees such movements as being determined by elite manipulations of identity symbols, have in the main dominated investigations of the origins and development oj ethnic movements in India. The main drawback of both these approaches lies in this attitude to nationalist ideology. This paper suggests a different approach on the basis of a case study


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