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Chronicles of a Queer Relationship with Science

This article traverses a journey of a person in science and feminism, highlighting a trajectory in which her relationship with science, its praxis, and its understanding, all transformed as her engagement with feminisms also evolved. The narrative highlights the change from a narrow understanding of science and a career within it, to the emerging multiple possibilities of being a person in science—a change made possible because the feminist lens shifts focus from the question of women in science to a feminist understanding of science. The process, hence, results in a slow inhabiting of the “outsider” in a reimagined landscape of the discipline.

Marriage, Family and Community

In the recent past, the debates around sexuality and gender unfolding in the country are beginning to resonate with the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual peoples and communities who are fighting for their rights. Emerging articulations exploring connections and tensions around gender and sexual expression, identity, state repression, nationalism and the market, in ways that destabilise notions of the self and society are opening up spaces for imagining a humane world where all genders and sexualities can be respected and treated equally.

Towards a New Perspective on Womens Bodies-Learning and Unlearning Together

Learning and Unlearning Together Swatija Manorama Chayanika Shah Documented here is a collective reflective process which began by critiquing existing knowlege systems about women's bodies and their health and reproduction to arrive at an outline of a new knowledge system, a new perspective within which to took at issues of deep concern to women's health, well-being and social identity, a paradigm which emphasises harmony rather than control and domination.
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