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Costs of Economic Sanctions-Aftermath of Pokhran II

While the direct combined effect of the suspension of foreign aid and of the sanctions imposed by the US so far may be small and bearable, the degree of adversity to be faced depends on how long the sanctions will last; whether other countries will join the US in imposing sanctions; and whether economic sanctions will included areas of trade, transfer of non-military technology and investments.

Selection of Management Graduates through Campus Recruitment-A Case of Employers Selection Criteria

universities imparting professional ma- nagesnent education organise campus recruitment programmes every year for the placement of their graduating students by bringing together prospective employers and graduating students on their campus. An analysis of the selection criteria applied (or desirable attributes sought) by the organisations offering employment to young management graduates through the campus recruitment programme is important for various reasons. It would help in understanding the objective function of the employing organisations for recruiting prospective managers. It would help the management education institutions and universities in drawing up the criteria for selection of students for admission to their programme keeping in view the needs of the employers. And most directly, it would help the graduating management students them- selves by providing a clearer understanding of the selection criteria and' better preparation for interviews and other tests to be faced by them at the time of meeting prospective employers under the campus recruitment programme. This would also help in strengthening the process of smoother adjustment of the management graduates in their actual job situation. This last aspect of such analysis acquires a great deal of significance in view of the gap which seems to exist between the expectations and experiences of the employer as well as the management graduate in job situations,1 Considering the importance of the subject of selection criteria used by the prospective employing organisations at campus recruitment programmes for management graduates, I conducted a case study on this subject. This was undertaken through a survey of the Views of the executives of most of the organisations participating in the 1976 Campus Recruitment Programme of the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad (ILMA) regarding selection criteria used by them for offering various jobs to the management graduates of this Institute. This paper presents the major findings of this survey.

Exports and Future Export Plans of Large Indian Companies, 1970-75

Indian Companies, 1970-75 Charan D Wadhva G R Kulkarni Export development policy at the national level for the coming years will have to take into account the capability of the larger manufacturing companies to generate exports and ways and means to activate them towards incorporating export development plans on a larger scale as a part of their individual corporate development strategies.

Environmental Scanning for Corporate Planning

Analysis of the external environment is cruci al to the process of strategic planning of a large and diversified enterprise in this country where government policy is a dominant force in shaping the future of such enterprises.

The Dollar Devaluation and India s Balance of Payments

The Dollar Devaluation and India's Balance of Payments Charan D Wadhva Samuel Paul This paper examines some of the consequences of the devaluation of the US dollar of February and the decision of the Government of India on the exchange rate of the rupee on the major items of India's Balance of Payments. The problems and opportunities emerging from the present devaluation of the dollar are analysed.

The Dollar Crisis-Possible Solutions and Their Implications for India

number of scientists and engineers for exploration and assessment. But our geological personnel suffer the highest percentage of unemployment among post-graduate scientists. Geological organisations showed the highest (25 per cent) proportion of unfilled vacancies. 5 Paradoxically again, we have given over major tasks of mineral and ground water surveys to foreign companies.

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