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COMMUNAL RIOTS- Story of a Judicial Enquiry

'historical inevitability'.
Unlike the issue of citizenship rights, however, the Assam movement did not force this issue into the public arena: in a sense the Assamese shared the national ambivalence on it. Yet the question can hardly be avoided. Should there be constitutional protection of the cultural character of states? The lesson of Assam on this question, however, is mixed. The results of the Assam election and the history of impact of immigration on Assam go against a sterile view that cultures can survive only if a state's cultural composition is frozen by law. There does not seem to be a need to build a fortress Assam in order to ensure the cultural survival of Assam. There is, however, a logic of numbers: cultures cannot survive under the pressure of demographic change of all magnitudes

ANDHRA PRADESH- Peasant Movement in Peddapalle

November 17, 1979 ANDHRA PRADESH Peasant Movement in Peddapalle C V Subba Rao AFTER the notification of Jagityal and Sirsilla taluas in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh as disturbed areas under the Andhra Pradesh Suppression of Disturbances Act, the attention of the world outside has been focused on social conditions in this backward district of Telengana and the incipient peasant movement that is undergoing its birth-pangs in this district. Two months after the aforesaid notification, the attempt to form Ryotu Coolie Sanghams (RCS

ANDHRA PRADESH- Murder of a Peasant Leader

Ministry of Energy] dead, the other [that of the Ministry of Steel and Mines] powerless to be born, with nowhere to lay its feet upon".
In this predicament, it is not surprising that the Polish, who until now have been following the pattern of the 'socialist' countries of collaboration on a government-to-government or public sector-to-public sector basis only, should have ohosen the unusual course of entering into negotiations with a private company for collaboration in consultancy when there are in the public sector at least half-a-doaen engaged in similar work

ANDHRA PRADESH-Landlord as Labour Leader

Landlord as Labour Leader! C V Subba Rao ENTRUSTING all work, barring actual mining, to private parties in state-owned coal mines seems to be an established practice all over India (see, for instance, "Trade Union Mafia in Dhanbad" by Arun Sinha, Indian Express, January 23, 1979). But the case of Singareni collieries in the Telengana region of Andhra is distinguished by the presence of big landlords controlling labourers.

Resurgence of Peasant Movement in Telengana

India can ill afford at present. One wonders whether these liberalisations Resurgence of Peasant Movement in Telengana C V Subba Rao through pure exchange trading, as distinct from cover operations for genuine merchant transactions, it is a fundamental policy issue the implications of which must be clearly understood. Has the government, as the owner of the public sector banks, accepted its liability to underwrite any losses that may ensue from such trading operations as distinct from normal banking risks? What is the justification, in terms of social benefit, for the government assuming this responsibility? Another question that arises in this respect is that even if the RBI is sold on the idea of permitting greater freedom in exchange operations, should all ADs

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