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A Note on the Disaster Management Bill, 2005

The Disaster Management Bill, 2005 will provide a legal vehicle to accelerate disaster mitigation efforts by the public agencies, but the moot question is whether it will help in building a safer and disaster free India.

Mismanagement of Floods in Gujarat

The enormous damage recently caused by flooding in the urban centres of Gujarat was not unavoidable. Poor urban planning, disregard of simple preventive measures and the abdication of government responsibility were behind the heavy damage.

Neglect of Hospital Waste Control

Hospital wastes are often extremely hazardous and may well be responsible for the spread of any number of infections. Yet hardly any effort is made to segregate hospital waste at source, store it hygienically or treat it before disposal.

Mismanaging Floods

Distorted infrastructural development has undoubtedly been an important reason for the floods this monsoon in Ahmedabad. The desultory response of the local authority only heightened the loss it caused.

How Polluted Is Ahmedabad City-Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessment C N Ray An assessment of environmental risk in Ahmedabad city, using innovative new methods, shows that environmental problems are beginning to pose a high risk to the health of its citizens and appropriate measures need to be taken, in terms of planning future urban growth, if the situation is not to deteriorate.

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