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Transparency in the Voluntary Sector-A First Step

Asian Development Bank, India has a poverty rate of 52 per cent. India ranks at a shocking 135th place among about 178 countries on the basis of Human Development Index developed by ESC AP.

Where Does All the Money Go - People's Struggle for Information

The Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan has been waging a long struggle for people's access to the accounts and related papers at the level of local government. And the Rajasthan government, after having agreed to allow people's access to such information, is now going back on its word.

Right to Information-Profile of a Grass Roots Struggle

In a historic announcement in the state assembly in April last year, the chief minister of Rajasthan had declared that citizens had the right to information to receive details of expenditure on work done in their villages and all the documents could be photocopied as evidence. However, even after a year the chief minister's announcement has not heen implemented because of stonewalling by the bureaucracy. The agitation against this called by the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan has evoked massive popular support.

Right to Information-Profile of a Grass Roots Struggle

groups. The increase in real incomes, owing to the price effect, will take place for the higher income groups whose major part of consumption basket consists of (income elastic) manufactured goods. If the increase in money wages remains constant, the real income of the lower income groups, major part of whose consumption basket consists of wage goods, will go down. It has been observed that the real wages of workers have gone down during the last five years (sec the supplement to the Economic Survey, 1995-96). The second issue is whether the reforms are generating employment by reducing the macro-economic distortions of the previous policy regime. But this has been observed to be just the contrary [Gupta 1995].
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