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Sikhs of the Hyderabad Deccan

This paper is an attempt to profile those Sikhs who made the Deccan (in India) their home. They claim to be the descendants of the Lahori Fauj dispatched by Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab at the request of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Many of them stayed there, married locally and adopted the local culture, but remained true to their religion.

Ex-Criminal Tribes of Punjab

Numerous tribes in Punjab that were proclaimed "criminal" by the British were declared as scheduled castes in 1952. These groups, living in miserable conditions in an otherwise prosperous state, have been asking for tribal status as they are placed at a disadvantage in the present caste-based reservation system. A number of suggestions have been made to the government to consider the anomalies in identifying and characterising these groups. Their condition is worsening, occasionally breaking out into open protest, the Meena-Gujjar conflict in Rajasthan being an example. The 27 per cent reservation to the Other Backward Classes is likely to intensify the demands of these communities.
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