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Distorting Reality

A propos your editorial “Turning the Spotlight on the Media” (EPW, 12 November 2011), I would like to give an example of reporting that would vindicate either justice Katju’s low opinion of the intellectual capabilities of our journalists or your concern about the business-media nexus that distor

People's Movements and the Anna Upsurge: A Comment

Why has the Anna Hazare movement against corruption steered clear of people's movements, and why have the latter behaved likewise towards the Hazare agitation? Manoranjan Mohanty ("People's Movements and the Anna Upsurge", EPW, 17 September 2011) is despondent about this gap between the two. The reasons are obvious and are to be found in the very observations Mohanty makes.

Paan or POSCO?

With a growing betel vine sector as well as thriving paddy cultivation and fishing, it is no wonder that villagers in Odisha's Jagatsinghpur district have resisted the state government's forceful acquisition of land for the POSCO project. Political parties of all shades as well as the intelligentsia are increasingly coming together in support of the agitation. The future of the anti-POSCO movement looks bright, but will it put an end to POSCO's plan?

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