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Income and Income Differentials among Workers in Small-Scale Manufacturing Enterprises in Calcutta-Some Survey Results

This paper presents some results of a sample survey of small-scale manufacturing enterprises operating within the jurisdiction of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation area. The main purpose of this survey was to collect information on wage-earnings and other benefits received by different categories of workers engaged in small-scale manufacturing enterprises producing diversified products. A sample of 316 enterprises and about 2,162 hired workers engaged in these enterprises was taken. The sample was drawn in the form of interpenetrating sub-samples which facilitated calculation of standard errors, by using a properly designed sampling scheme from a list of units registered with the State Directorate of Small-Scale Industries. The data collected in this survey, permits estimation of not only the distribution and average earnings of hired workers by industry groups but also makes it possible to analyse variation in income across occupation categories and to examine influence on income of such factors like the level of education, skill, tenure of employment, size of the unit and so on. The information brings out very clearly the dismal condition of the workers in this sector.

National Income for the Layman

National Income for the Layman Bina Roy National Income in India: Concepts and Methods by B W Chavan and Anita Chuvan; Sindhu Publications; Bombay; 1970; pp 48; Rs 12.50.


CSO has made painstaking efforts to improve the estimates of depreciation for the assets used in various sectors. Preparation of basically sound estimates has, however, not been possible for all sectors.

National Income Estimates-Differences between Revised and Conventional Series

Differences between Revised and Conventional Series This note attempts to examine the differences between the revised and the conventional series of estimates of national product originating in the agricultural sector.

Capital Formation in India 1901-51

Bina Roy An attempt is made here to estimate capital formation in India during the period 1901 to 1951 and to calculate the changes in the proportion of capital formation to national income.

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