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Wicked Wizard of Oz

Upon arrival in the Solomon Islands in October last year to assume charge as attorney general of the country, the internationally known barrister and law academic, Julian Moti, was arrested by the Australian police, stationed there as part of the neocolonial Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, and is now battling against extradition. Besides bringing important human rights concerns to the fore, the harassment of Julian Moti by the Australian authority raises the issue of the Solomon Island's right to autonomous self-governance.

Red Fort Attack Judgment

The inconsistencies and glaring gaps in the prosecution's evidence against the accused in the Red Fort attack case are illustrative of how in the so-called "war against terror" investigating agencies are allowed to get away with manufactured evidence.

Information on Death Penalty

By going so far as using the defence of national sovereignty and impact on international relations to deny information relating to judicial executions, the Indian state is completely disregarding its clear international obligation to make such knowledge public. The need for information on the death penalty is not limited to the question of abolition. It is crucial for it enables citizens to properly debate the core issue in question - the real effectiveness of the death penalty in present-day India.

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