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Industrial Disputes in India-An Empirical Analysis

An Empirical Analysis Bibhas Saha Indranil Pan The present paper tries to identify some of the determinants of industrial disputes (both strikes and lock-outs) by developing an econometric model using disputes data for 19 industries over seven years from 1980 to 1986. The dependent variabe of the model is industry-wise mandays lost per employee from disputes and independent variables are the degree of trade unionisation, average factory size and average monthly earnings of an employee. It is found that in more unionised industries, mandays lost from disputes are likely to be less compared to less unionised industries. In contrast, industries with larger average factory size will have greater mandays lost. Employees' monthly earnings seem to be a weak variable having ambiguous and almost insignificant effects on mandays lost.

Explaining Nominal Wages of Industrial Workers

Industrial Workers Bibhas Saha Wage Structure in Organised Industrial Sector by C Mani Sastry; Booklinks Corporation, Hyderabad, Rs 150.
OVER the last 40 years of industrial development in India, wage earnings of the workers in organised industries have increased both in nominal and real terms. But the growth in wage earnings has been uneven across regions and industries. Why wages vary between industries in the same region or between regions in the same industry is an interesting research problem which has important implications for income distribution, development of the labour market and regional growth. C Mani Sastry addresses this problem in her book.

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