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History of the Undoing of History

Despite the recent controversy that has dogged history writing in India, since ancient and even pre-modern times, patricians and rulers have used history for control as well as for moral/administrative education and entertainment. This apart, historians too have been guilty of focusing too much on empiricism rather than seeking to dwell on the nature and philosophy of history.

Haryana's 'Setting Daughters'

In the flurry of celebrations observed to mark the 35th anniversary of Haryana's formation, what passed largely unnoticed was the state's abysmal performance in seeking to improve the quality of lives of its women, discrimination against whom continues unabated as seen in a widening sex ratio and widening gender gap in literacy.

'Terrible Tuesday': Worm's and Bird's Eye Views

There are two views, the worm's and the bird's on every event, including 'Terrible Tuesday'. The worm's (or the FBI's) view might tell us how the tragedy was planned and who were involved in the act. In contrast, the bird's (or the scholar's) view tells us why the tragedy occurred and how long it has been in the making. To make sense of the disaster we need to look at it from both angles.

Haryana's Rising Haryana's Rising

The Chautala family has for long dominated every aspect of public life in Haryana. This has hindered industrial development and the movement for ensuring justice as seen in the furore over the 'Ruchika' case. In recent years, however, it is the Haryanvi women from all walks of life, who are waging a struggle to ensure gender equality. Their attempts seen in raising educational levels among women and in increasing political activism are all part of their resistance to long-held caste notions that seeks to marginalise women.

Tipu Sultan Giving The Devil His Due

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