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The Beginnings of a New Democratic Nepal?

Significant developments in the last year have changed Nepal's political landscape. But a trek through the district of Rolpa in the Magarat region reveals the more profound shifts that are underway: a transformation, only a few years old, but one that is led by and for the people, promising thereby, to fundamentally alter the quality of their lives and by implication, the polity and society too.

Tribute: Harry Magdoff (1913-2006)

Harry Magdoff, committed Marxist intellectual, and co-editor of Monthly Review, died recently. His intellectual labours were devoted to working tirelessly for a better world, one where a 'decent future' would be assured to those long exploited and subjugated. He will be greatly missed.

Doha round: Development Round, Neo-Liberal Development

The Doha round of multilateral negotiations has been dubbed the "development round". Ironically, trade circles envisage development in very narrow terms, i e, as a mere corollary of free trade that in turn, comes bound within an ideological framework. This framework assigns a primacy to economic growth sans any redistribution, an acceptance of increasing inequality, and more importantly, a dogmatic belief in the dynamism of markets and private enterprise.

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