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Bangla Desh Bungled

THE developments in Bangla Desh had promised to unfold a wide range of favourable possibilities for India. They threatened to cut Pakistan to size

RAJASTHAN-Caste, Class and Party Polarisation

and much patience on the part of the Government and the top management to overcome this suspicion and convince the workers and the unions that what is being brought is not just a new gimmick or operating technique but a different philosophy.

MADHYA PRADESH- Search for Regional Identities

Chemicals, which is getting out of the confusion created when the Council of Ministers was first constituted after the mid-term elections, with a new Minister of State being given independent charge, appears to be toying with the same kind of 'pragmatic

UTTAR PRADESH- Consolidation of Anti-Jan Sangh Vote-A Closer Look at Congress Election Triumph

cities, decomposed bodies are still strewn on the streets. Another factor responsible for the outbreak of the epidemic is the disruption of the work of the medical teams who had been vaccinating people.

Hindu Backlash Caused Akali Rout

Hindu Backlash Caused Akali Rout Balraj Puri THOUGH the Congress(R) success in the mid-term Lok Sabha poll in Punjab conforms to the national pattern, it is perhaps less baffling than the outcome in other States. It should have happened even without the Indira wave that swept across the country. The wave, of course, made the success surer and enlarged its margins.

Drift in Kashmir

Congress leadership opted for the former and gradually transformed caste interests into class interests. The PWP, however, has never been able to resolve this contradiction. Thus it derives its support from a broad spectrum of non-Brahmin, or rather, Maratha population. This support, naturally, is very varied. It may comprise of the Maratha aristocracy and intelligentsia of Kolhapur (a PWP stronghold) or may include lower middle class and poor Maratha peasants of Thana and Cofaba districts. If we were to judge by its manifesto, the PWP is certainly a Left Party

A Case for Sub-States

Meghalaya has caused undeserved damage to the idea of regional autonomy. As a sub-state it was the first and only experiment of its kind in India, which has now been abandoned without a fair trial. Perhaps the potentiality of the experiment for promoting cohesion within a State through dispersal of political power was never appreciated. Perhaps it was just a grudging attempt to meet the Hill people's demand for a separate State half-way and, in effect, was meant to be a stepping stone to full statehood.

JAMMU AND KASHMIRState People s Convention An Assessment

TFS, be undertaken in the country and odds that Rourkela can easily be equipped for such production. He also complains about the 'continuous' rise in the cost of tinplate which, according to him, constitutes 60-80 per cent of total cost of tin container, 'We have indeed gone a long way from the Government's subsidy' on OTS tinplate four or five years ago to triple taxation on tinplate, tin containers and the canned products'. Poysha has received a 'letter of intent' in respect of the broad terms of the proposed technical collaboration with American Can. The company's diversification into other pack- sgaing materials and the manufacture of beer cans, aerosols, etc, will be taken up when the collaboration is finalised. Meanwhile, construction work has pro ceeded in all the three units of the company. Some important balancing equipment has been received at Thana and Ghaziabad. Since April, the Ghaziabad factory has begun to cater to the rising demand for large-diameter cans in northern India. The new Cochin factory is expected to be ready soon. The large-scale indirect exports in the shape of food and other goods packed in its containers apart, the company is making direct exports of printed tin- fp&tfbe and manufactured containers to West Asia. During seven months ended March 1970, exports amounted to Rs seven lakhs and in the subsequent four months they increased further to over Rs 8 lakhs while orders in hand exceeded lis 37 lakhs. During the year to March 1970, sales were up from Rs 4.01 crores to lis 5.06 crores, and gross- profit increased from Rs 35 lakhs to Rs 48 lakhs. Net profit was Rs 37 lakhs (Rs 25 lakhs) which covered the maintained 10 per cent equity distribution, part of which is expected to be exempt from tax, over threefold. Return on total capital employed in business came to 5.3 per cent.

Region versus Religion

SPECIAL NUMBER AUGUST 1967 vernment in West Bengal are, therefore, basically in the very nature of the United Front that was knocked together after the defeat suffered by the Congress in the State.

Politics of the Elections in Kashmir

Balraj Puri The elections have polarised politics in Jammu and Kashmir into two rather loose alignments, with the Congress and the Democratic National Conference of the Left Communists on the one side and the National Conference, the PSP and the Jan Sangh on the other.

Regional Tensions in Kashmir

ONE VITAL but leas known clue to the understanding of Kashmir politics is the fact that almost half of its population is non-Kashmiri speaking. In fact Kashmiris comprise just one-third of the total population of the undivided State, including the area occupied by Pakistan. Further they inhabit only the Indian part of the State, in the fabled Valley of Kashmir.


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