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Mohammad Iqbal and the Universe of Muslim Identities

This paper attempts to investigate the universe of identities of Muslims in India and, in that process, re-examines some of the concepts formulated by the author in an earlier paper (EPW, October 7,

KASHMIR- Abdullah vs Congress I

KASHMIR Abdullah vs Congress (I) Balraj Puri THE Congress(I) has emerged as the major opposition party in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir. The same role was played by the Janata in 1977. A substantial portion of the Janata joined the Lok Dal in July 1979 when Charan Singh became the Prime Minister. Workers and followers of the Janata and Lok Dal later started shift- ing their loyalty to the Congress (I) when that party came to power in New Delhi in 1980.

JAMMU AND KASHMIR -Caste, Charisma and Regionalism

March 8, 1980 to comment on these details, but it is clear that a significant proportion of investment in recent years has been in the form of better coverage of data in regard to 'changes in stocks'. However, to what extent the increase consists of additional stocks and to what extent it is really based on better coverage of data on the outstandings of inventories now (without the necessary changes for base-level inventories) is difficult to discern without those fuller details.

Kashmiri Islam

November 3, 1979 some task (say, to play chess, understand children's stories, write detective stories); one seriously concerned with constructing behaviour theories must ask oneself how such structures could be built up. Can they be built up at all? What primitive learning processes and what training sequences should be postulated to enable the building up of such structures? Are these postulated processes and training sequences tenable from the developmental viewpoint? The essential weakness of currently fashionable AI studies is that they do not concern themselves with such issues at all. In the absence of such concerns, modelling tends to be a series of ad hoc exercises.

Autonomy and Participation-Dimensions of Indian Muslim Identity

Autonomy and Participation Dimensions of Indian Muslim Identity Balraj Puri The present paper deals with the role of Muslims in India, with the problems of their identity and autonomy, as also the interconnection of their interest and that of the nation of which they form a vital part.

JAMMU AND KASHMIR-August 1953 An Opinion Survey

May 20, 1978. The trade unions have been doing little more, however, than repeating what they did in 1977 all oyer again. Thus 'demands day' was observed from June 10 to 16, and then one-hour demonstrations were organised in front of factories and offices on June 16.

Sub-National Identities and National Integration

Sub-National Identities and National Integration Balraj Puri MOST multi-cultural nations of the the old and new world are today confronted with the problem of integration. The diversities within them are mostly based on religion, race, colour, language and region. Even a common political ideology and a one-party state have not been able to curb the rise of regional nationalism. Outstand- in, examples of this phenomenon are found in reassertion of local nationalism in Soviet Russia and Yugoslavia.

JAMMU AND KASHMIR- Timid Economic Start

much. Now there is talk about the state government assuming managerial responsibility for the company. Still another move is to take over the West Bengal section of the Central Road Transport Corporation, a Government of India undertaking which is slated to be closed down because of recurrent losses.

What Is Wrong with Anti-Adulteration Law

September 13, 1975 cause of poverty and in order to supplement their incomes. For this reason, a family planning programme, divorced from any attempt to change the socioeconomic structure, appears to contradict the vital interests of the majority of the village population.

JAMMU AND KASHMIR-Students and Politics

JAMMU AND KASHMIR Students and Politics Balraj Puri A STUDY of the problem of unrest among students of institutions of higher education in Jammu and Kashmir has shown a striking correlation between such unrest and lack of political consciousness among the students and affluence of their parents. This was in sharp contrast to the views of the participants in a conference on the subject, convened last year at Srinagar by the Governor of the state, who generally held that the political affiliations of the students and their economic distress were the main causes of unrest. These views were an indication of the distance of the older generation from reality as also from the younger generation.

KASHMIR- The Sheikh s Blind Side

THE first challenge to Sheikh Abdullah, after long years of near supremacy in the politics of Kashmir, came about a year ago from a section of students. Though the students raised political slogans in the few anti-Abdullah demonstrations they organised, their challenge was wider and is aimed against the values of the older generation which Abdullah has come to symbolise.

Schizophrenia in Jammu

Schizophrenia in Jammu?
Balraj Puri WOULD Jammu be able to act as a vital geo-political bridge between a chastened Kashmir Valley and the rest of the country or be a barrier?


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