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Neglected Regional Aspirations in Jammu and Kashmir

Differences between the Jammu and Kashmir regions of the state must be understood in order to comprehend the "Kashmir problem" fully. Bonds of language, regional identity and culture are more important than religion in Hindu-Muslim relations in the two regions.

Third Round Table on Jammu and Kashmir

The J and K round table, the third exercise of its kind, was disappointing on several counts. The reports finalised by the working groups focused largely on subjects of wider concern such as "confidence building measures" and human rights violations, while concrete issues such as ensuring grassroot empowerment and balanced regional development were given short shrift.

Plight of Urdu-Speaking Muslims

Urdu-speaking Muslims formed the majority of the victims of the recent terrorist attack on the Samjhauta Express. Whether in Pakistan, Bangladesh or India, this community is attempting to hold its own and grow against quite a few odds.

PM'S Visit to Kashmir : Missed Opportunity

The prime minister's visit to J and K provided him with a unique opportunity to make a major breakthrough in the situation, but when he left the state there was hardly any improvement in terms of Indo-Pak relations or in winning over the people of Kashmir. The moderate faction of the Hurriyat and other separatist groups expressed disillusionment with the lack of a political package. Even the Rs 24,000 crore reconstruction plan created fresh controversies, including tensions over regional shares.

Jammu and Kashmir: Permanent Resident Bill

The recent bill passed by the J and K assembly seeking to deny permanent residency status to women marrying 'outside' has created religious, and communal divides and stirred up political controversies. Its blatantly gender discriminatory note also makes it violative of international law and UN conventions to which India is a signatory.

Krishna Raj: Tributes

Relationships Krishna Raj nurtured an abiding intellectual relationship between the EPW and the researchers at RBI without compromising the journal

Kashmir and Rest of India

The contradiction between Indian democracy and regimented Kashmir, between monolithic Kashmiri nationalism and the regional aspirations of Jammu and Ladakh as also with the forces of narrow and uniformist nationalism in India exploded with the arrest of Sheikh Abdullah in August 1953.

JP's Honeymoon

Jayaprakash Narayan: Selected Works, Volume Two (1936-39), edited by Bimal Prasad; Manohar Publishers, New Delhi,
BALRAJ PURI The second volume of Jayaprakash Narayan

Iqbal and Idea of Pakistan

Iqbal and Idea of Pakistan BALRAJ PURI Iqbal, one of the greatest influences on Muslim minds in the 20th century, remains an engimatic personality. One tends to miss his real personality amidst diverse and contradictory images that his admirers and detractors have projected. V N Datta mentions two versions of Iqbal (EPW, December 14, 2002). One projected in Pakistani historiography as the founding and spiritual father of Pakistan. The other projected by Indian writings as a champion of Hindu-Muslim solidarity and a unique symbol of India

Jammu By-election: Losers All

It is interesting that although the BJP and the Congress have alleged malpractice in the recently held by-elections in Jammu- Poonch, neither has sought to initiate a politico-legal battle. In any case this allegation alone, even if true, cannot explain the outcome.


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