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Development of a Self-reliant Agro-Food Industry-Impact of Technology Imports

Development of a Self-reliant Agro-Food Industry Impact of Technology Imports Baldev Singh INDIA is a country of a great degree of social, economic and cultural diversity. While discussing the agro-food industry in India and the technological requirements thereof, the socio-economic status of different sections of the population, food habits of the people in different states, traditional methods and practices of processing and preservation of food materials, have to be kept in view. Account has also to be taken of the social transformation taking place under the impact of modern systems of communication and media such as, newspapers, radio and television services; international travel and influence of the life-style and habitat of people in the advanced industrialised countries. India lives in many centuries

Research and Development in Industry

The industrial sector spent Rs 473 crore on R and D in 1984-85. This should be seen against the output of Rs 1,17,770 crore generated by the manufacturing sector in 1985-86. It should also be a matter of concern that a major portion (76 per cent) of R and D expenditure continues to be borne by central and state government agencies and universities. If R and D is to serve as the motive power for competitive development of industry at an international level, the productive sector would have to be the main performer of R and D activities.

Perspective before the CSIR

Perspective before the CSIR Baldev Singh The recommendations of the Fourth Review Committee of the CSIR, however welt-intended, can only lead to greater frustration and ultimate dismemberment of this premier scientific organisation, sooner or later. The CSIR has suffered through tailoring its programmes, policies and personnel towards helping in the government's former policies of 'import substitution' The government can change its policies overnight but an R and D organisation would need time and effort to restructure and reorient itself A government-funded and managed organisation is ill-suited to generate industrial production technologies or their absorption, adaptation and development. The strength of such an organisation lies in picking up longterm problems, watching future trends in science and technology and making its contribution in the emerging newer scientific and technological vistas.

Reviewing the CSIR

Baldev Singh A review of the functions and structure of the CSIR, as is proposed to be undertaken by the Fourth CSIR Review Committee, is both timely and important. Firstly, the Science and Technology scenario and the extent of CSIR*s scientific responsibility are not the same with the emergence of other scientific agencies and depart- ments of the government. Secondly, there has been a shift in the policies of the government away from import substitution and in favour of science and technology going to the front areas instead of playing the 'catch-up game'.

Impact of Education on Farm Production

Baldev Singh This paper examines data on the impact of education on farm production collected daring October 1968 to January 1969 from 288 farm households of Haryana for the crop year 1967-68, The author hypothesises that:

Foreign Technology Role and Control

Foreign Technology: Role and Control Baldev Singh Foreign Technology and Investment; National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi, June 1971; pp 170; Rs 25.

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