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Peace in the Hills

Although the Bangladesh government has signed a peace agreement with PCJSS representing the people of Chittagong Hill Tracts, there is mutual distrust between the two sides. The Indian and Bangladesh governments stand to gain at the expense of the people of Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Bangladesh: Intellectuals, Culture and Ruling Class

Intellectuals and cultural workers of Bangladesh, aligned as they are to various political parties, fail to perform their function as guardians of cultural and moral values. There is a spoils system which rewards the intellectuals for their silence.

BANGLADESH-The Anti-Heroes of the Language Movement

which generates similar assets would remain fragile and vulnerable epecially under uncertainty. A defeat as well as accommo- dation, by the nation state to the conscquences of these upheavals symbolises the triumph of finance over industry (and state power) in general and the defeat of the weaker states to the collective forces of supranational finance and rich nations on the other.

On Indo-Bangladesh Relations

alliance, partly because it cannot consider India either as an equal or a suitable partner. Two, it is not in China's interests to join an alliance with a covert or oven antiAmerican purposes because it has its own big stake in friendly relations with Washington.

Problems of Left Unity in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Badruddin Umar FOR quite some time leftists in Bangladesh have been crying themselves hoarse for a united front and have been engaging in dialogues and negotiations with a view to forming such a front. But in spite of these activities and pronouncements one thing is quite noticeable

Circular Movement of Bangladesh Politics

and angularities of its rulers. We can only identify certain features and try to see which would seem on objective considerations the more likely posture for it to adopt. Some of the confusion in regard to positions taken by the superpowers arises out of a failure to identify the limited range with respect to which a given 'till' policy or preference operates. Possible US support for the Rajiv cegime in relation to the V P Singh challenge must not be confused with a change or modification of its relative priorities with respect to, say, Pakistan. These are policy options at different levels. Enthusiastic US support for Pakistan vis-a-vis India is perfectly compatible with equally enthusiastic US support for Rajiv vis-a-vis the V P Singh challenge.

BANGLADESH-Martial Law Wears a New Garb

of the Party are not elected but are chosen by Benazir Bhutto and her ring of very close confidants, as elections in the Party are quite unknown. In this manner, Benazir Bhutto is closely following the tradition of her deceased father. Also, like her father, she does not graciously tolerate dissent and thus her Party has become one which.consists mainly of yes-men.

BANGLADESH- Presidential Election Prospects for Change

Presidential Election: Prospects for Change?
Badruddin Umar THE political process initiated by General Ershad to dress up his military rule in a pseudo-democratic garb is now passing through its final phase. It seems that in spite of all opposition noises against it the presidential election will be held as scheduled.

BANGLADESH-Day of the Dacoits

the river of corpses (Peenugula Penna); such was the ferocity of its floods; today it is a joke of a river, and not because its upper reaches have been dammed. The dam is thert

BANGLADESH-Denationalisation of Industries and Financial Houses

question and answer Sessions. For instance, a lecturer from the local college asked whether the Army was there for the benefit of the local population or to terrorise them? Another asked why the government made proclamations promising jobs, but always went back on them, is it because we are "less than human"? One village elder asked who was the Father of the Indian Nation? The statue of Gandhiji near the Town Hall is still covered with cloth and remains to be inaugurated, although the plaque says it had been inaugurated by the Prime Minister. There were several questions on the status of women and the stand of the human rights movement towards women.

BANGLADESH- General Elections and Bourgeois Opposition

Comprehensive Legislation for Construction Workers Shenbagavalli TWO million construction workers from the second largest working force next only to agriculture in this country. It is the most unorganised sector and all labour laws like Contract Labour Act, Payment of Minimum Wages Act, Inter-State Migrant Workmen's Act are not applicable due to the scattered nature of the industry. However, efforts to organise construction workers have borne fruit over the last five years in different states and deliberations are on to reorganise the whole sector completely. One of the organisational models available are the Dock Labour Boards as spelt out in the Dock Workers Regulation of employment Act (Section 9 of 1948).

BANGLADESH- Employment Crisis and Its Consequences

BANGLADESH Employment Crisis and Its Consequences Badruddin Umar UNEMPLOYMENT happens as a result of continued and chronic crisis in the economy) in general and it is an unavoidable aspect of all capitalist and developing capitalist societies. As such Bangladesh cannot be an exception in this regard. But it has, by now, reached a level which is quite 'alarming' and hence needs serious attention.


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