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The NDA’s Presidential Choice

The nomination of Bihar governor Ram Nath Kovind as the ruling National Democratic Alliance’s candidate for the presidential election serves multiple objectives of the Sangh Parivar. It highlights the division between Ambedkarite and other Dalit groups, serves the NDA’s outreach to Other Backward Classes, and helps paper over the recent Dalit-led assertions against the government over caste-based atrocities.

How Class Is Represented in Literature

The Marxian Imagination: Representing Class in Literature by Julian Markels (Delhi: Aakar Books), 2012; first published by Monthly Review Press, 2003; pp 160, Rs 395.

Anti-Reservation Protest: Shoring Up Privilege

The current protests against reservation under the banner of "youth for equality" are a continuance of entrenched social privilege cloaked as merit and a denial of equality to the communities that comprise some 80 per cent of India's population.

History's Mysteries

The 'truth' about Godhra appears more clouded with the partial findings of the interim Banerjee Report. Several actors, including the Election Commission, continue to debate the propriety or otherwise of the report's release, and whether citizens will be well served by the dissemination of its findings. In all this, it is 'truth', the search for it, that ultimately makes up an individual's response as to how life should be lived, becomes a casualty.

Redefining Secular Agenda

If the Congress and other political formations really want to salvage secularism, they will need to take a hard look at the current alliance between 'reform' and Hindutva. Any secular project that is not informed by a considered programme to reinstal people's right to collective secular resistance, not just to Hindutva but to 'reform', is unlikely to go far.

Grand Narrative of 'Terrorism'

As the politics of globalisation seeks to thrust upon the world a monolithic model of 'development', events of 9/11 have made it possible to nullify resistance a critique of that model by generating a monologic discourse about 'terrorism'.

Caste and Race: Discrimination by any Name

Racism was as uniquely institutionalised in South Africa as caste discrimination has been within the Hindu social order. Why then can we not permit the world community to express itself on the latter as we have, through the years, on the former?

Holding Up a Mirror

Holding Up a Mirror Literature and Society Balzac: Mirror of Emerging Modern Capitalism by Girish Mishra; Pragati Publications, Delhi, 1999;
BADRI RAINA It is now generally accepted that cultural productions at any given point in the concrete histories of communities bear intimate relation to other areas of productive human labour. In his considerations of the nature of

Speculations across Millennia

Millennia India: Another Millennium? edited by Romila Thapar, India, 2000. BADRI RAINA Viking, concrete enunciation of themes that seem to be seminal to any consideration of an improved collective Indian future, namely,

Kashmir: A Departure

or blackmail, or indigent circumstance, or Kashmir: A Departure woolly-headed notions of

UGC, Government and Teachers Pay Scales

Keizer, Kim (1997): 'Negotiations on Harmonised Non-Preferential Rules of Origin A Useless Task from a Trade Policy Perspective?', Journal of World Trade, Vol 31, No 4, August.

Rastogi Committee Pay Structure Disincentives-Reinforced

Reinforced T Ravi Kumar Badri Raina The central paradox of policy on higher education since 1985 resides in the two opposed stipulations that policymakers have wished to impose on the country's teachers: acquire degree after degree, eligibility after eligibility, if any career advancement is desired; simultaneously, learn to jettison all pretensions to thinking.

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