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The Greening of Maharashtra

Rs 14 to Rs 8 per day in a region where daily agricultural wages vary in the range of Rs 10-15. The resulting misery and unemployment is inevitable.

Jumble of Sundry Facts

October 2, 1971 Jumble of Sundry Facts B V Nimbkar Agricultural Research in India: New Horizons and Perspectives, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, July 1971.

A Word of Warning on Hybrids

A Word of Warning on Hybrids B V Nimbkar THE much talked about high-yielding varieties programme is now a reality. With the advent of the hybrids of jowar, bajra and maize and the new high-yielding varieties of wheat and paddy, a major breakthrough towards self-sufficiency in food has been achieved. We have also begun to realise that good seed of a good variety is not enough by itself but must be accompanied by pest control, land levelling, proper irrigation and drainage and the use of fertilisers in order to realise its full yield potential.

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