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Kamani Tubes One Year After

The worker-run Kamani Tubes in its first year has not only survived a vicious price war, but has emerged making a modest profit But what of the goals of initiating worker participation in decision-making?

Management Plays Truant Workers Initiate Take-Over plan

The workers propose to revive the unit under a co-operative scheme. The scheme projects a growth of ten per cent in sales for the first five years of operation. As a result the unit is expected to achieve profit in the first year of operation itself.

Kamani Tubes Moving Ahead

B Srinivas Production of tubes in the month of June was well in excess of the target set by the BIFR scheme. 90 tonnes of tubes were produced as against the targeted level of 80 tonnes.

Kamani Tubes On the Move

whose underlying theme along with that of his contemporaries was 'the search for an identity'. In the early 20th century 'Nationalist' literature was sometimes tainted with a communal attitude as with Maithali Sharan Gupta. It was in Prem- chand that rational consciousness reached a culmination and gave it a popular content.

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