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Workers Co-operatives-Some Conceptual and Empirical Issues

Workers' co-operatives do not constitute a 'new' perspective on socialism since they are as old as Utopian socialism. Moreover, they will have to continuously fight against the threat of co-option, and will not make substantial gains if not accompanied by transfer of state power from the capitalists to the workers.

Engels and Women s Property Rights

total cost is not based on sound principle under the VAT(orRATbytheirterminology) scheme. A survey conducted by the NIPFP in 1990 revealed that out of 128 responses received, a majority (56 per cent) of them reported pricing on a net cost basis (A V L Narayanaet al (1991) ).2Therefore, webelieve that their recommendation in favour of a CAT, because it can generate same revenue and identical prices with lower duty rates, is not correct. Consequently, the criticisms laid by the authors in their paper against the Tax Reform Committee Report and NIPFP (1994) are unjustified.3 Notes [I thank Amaresh Bagchi, D K Srivastava and Pawan Aggarwal for valuable comments. The usual disclaimer applies.] 1 K Sundaram, V Pandit and B Mukherji, ' Restructuring the Tax System in India: A Reappraisal of Key Issues', Economic and Political Weekly. July 1, 1995.

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