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Data Base for Study of Household Manufacturing Sector-Problems of Comparability

Sector Problems of Comparability Rakesh Basant B L Kumar Scrutiny of macro data on household industries, an important segment of the rural non-agricultural sector, is useful for various purposes. However, the data base relating to the sector is surprisingly weak. Moreover there are several problems in compiling the data. This article reviews the data base related to household industries and attempts a comparison of the various data sources.

Oilseeds A Comprehensive View

The oilseeds Economy of India by P S George, Uma K Srivastava and B M Desai; The Macmillan Company of India, Madras, 1978;
Oilseeds: A Comprehensive View B L Kumar THE vital role that the oilseeds play in the country's economy needs no emphasis. With a current production of 12 million tonnes, valued at Rs 2,400 crores, oilseeds constitute the second largest agricultural crop, after food- grains. Despite this the country has not yet attained self-sufficiency in vegetable oils and fats. The net gap between supply and demand in respect of oils ami fats has been continuously widening for the past few years. The government has depended on imports to bridge the gap but, the country being short of foreign exchange, imports have had to be restricted. To the extent it is not possible to meet the entire demand for a certain agricultural commodity from domestic production, and imports, equilibrium between supply and demand comes through price rise. Such increase, being inflationary, is not congenial to overall agricultural development and growth of the economy. It is, therefore, important that in the planning process, the course of demand for and supply of oilseeds should be projected as realistically as possible and attempt should be made to match these at different points of time with a view to identifying the magnitude of the likely gaps and the resources needed to fill these gaps.

Declining Trend in Production of Pulses and Factors Affecting It

Factors Affecting It B L Kumar Pulses are an important as the cheapest source of protein for the mass of people in India. How- ever, while there has been a significant increase in foodgrains production, the increase in productivity has been confined to cereals. In fact, there has been a declining trend in pulses production.

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