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Women and Property in Rural Bangladesh

B K Jahangir The primary aim of this paper is to situate women vis-a-vis property in rural Bangladesh

Tribal Peasants in Transition-Chittagong Hill Tracts

 have to be made in both agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, with a gradual progression in the level of technology from T2 level in the farm economy to high capital intensity in capital goods industries where the choice of efficient technologies is limited.

Nature of Class Struggle in Bangladesh

While the forces of production in post-colonial Bangladesh have continued to remain relatively stagnant, there has been a constant struggle to transform the existing relations of production to the advantage of this or that contending group. During the regime of Sheikh Mujib, the rural rich contended successfully for political power; and even though this class lost political power at the national level following the political changes in the later part of 1975, it continues to be dominant in the rural areas.
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