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First Decade of Coal Nationalisation-Crucial Test of Performance

Crucial Test of Performance A B Ghosh A growing rate of output of coal was the primary objective of the nationalisation of coal mines. What has been the achievement of the public sector in the coal industry? And at what cost?

Profits and Investment in Coal Industry

This study of profits and investment in the coal industry during the first three plans concludes that: (1) In spite of lower profitability ratios relative to industries in general, dividends as percentage of profits were higher in the coal industry.

Coal Industry in Pre-Plan Period-Trend of Profits and Investment

Trend of Profits and Investment A B Ghosh In the first four decades of this century, till the outbreak of World War //, ruthless competition, struggle for survival and the top priority given to immediate profits removed from the minds of coat-mine owners any consideration for conservation of coal resources and any hesitation about producing and selling superior quality coal when the market would accept inferior grades.

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