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Poverty Lines versus the Poor

Is there any redemption for the poverty line approach? Despite its narrow focus, the incomepoverty line approach does yield some pertinent information on its chosen scale, but it is essentially one-dimensional and overlooks the multifaceted nature of human deprivation. This can easily lead to a superficial and misleading understanding of the nature and causes, as well as the cures of human poverty. The grave danger posed by the income-poverty line approach is that it inevitably leads to a misidentification of the poor, and subsequently to the adoption of targeting, monitoring and evaluation criteria which are equally narrow, thus carrying the many blind spots in the concept of deprivation into the operational phase of interventions.

Agrarian Transition and the Differentiation of the Peasantry-A Study of a West UP Village

Agrarian Transition and the Differentiation of the Peasantry A Study of a West UP Village Ashwani Saith Ajay Tankha In this paper an attempt has been made to study the respective positions occupied by different sections of the peasantry in the complex socio-economic structure of a village in west UP.

Economic Decision-Making of the Poor Peasant Household

Peasant Household Ashwani Saith Ajay Tankha On account of the fundamental difference between the pre-capitalist and capitalist parts of the agrarian economy, tools and frames of analysis useful for the study of capitalism throw up false and non- meaningful conclusions when applied to the pre-capitalist aspects of agriculture.

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