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The Constitutional Legitimacy of Abrogating Article 370

While the popular opinion in the nation is in favour of the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, the constitutional legitimacy of the decision needs to be questioned. It was projected as a fairly constitutional move by stating that the special status and privileges available to the people of Kashmir for the last seven decades have not served their purpose and it is now time for the Kashmiris to enter into a new national pact for strengthening peace and local democracy in the state. The battle for peace and prosperity in Kashmir will be won or lost in the minds and hearts of the people of India.

Constitutional Rights, Judicial Review and Parliamentary Democracy

While the contribution of the Supreme Court towards asserting the inviolability of constitutional rights is undeniable, the rightful limits of judicial intervention in the executive and legislative domains need to be questioned. In this context, the debate on related jurisprudential issues in the framework of a functioning parliamentary democracy is taken forward, and the principles defining the philosophy of judicial review have been discussed towards a holistic appreciation of the larger politico-constitutional issues.

Smart Transport for Smart Cities

Smart cities need a people-centric, proactive transport planning with public transport as the hub and non-motorised transport as spokes. It is high time we redefine public transport as the transport required by the public and not just publicly-funded transport.

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