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Removing Disguised Unemployment

Removing Disguised Unemployment Ashok V Desai Growth with Full Employment by Pradhan H Prasad; Allied Publishers,
UNEMPLOYMENT is a matter of much public concern in this country just now, and this small hook must he counted among the most valuable analyses of our problem. As I shall show, Prasad does not go far enough in this book, and makes some errors. However, an error of his is potentially more fruitful than a hundred correct trivialities that pass for economics.

Medium-Term Industrial Prospects

Medium-Term Industrial Prospects Ashok V Desai This first approach to a medium-term, three-year forecast for the Indian economy suggests that the recent sluggishness in industrial growth has been caused by erosion of profit levels and the need for structural adjustment. Profit levels are now rapidly recovering to satisfactory levels. Structural ad- justment is being slowed down by restrictions on import of equipment and technology, but it could still proceed at a respectable pace, The chief bottle-neck is, however, likely to he the balance of payments position, which will become so difficult in the next two or three years as to rule out industrial growth at more than 5 per cent per annum.

Evolution of Import Control

Ashok V Desai Import control in our country is not a system; it is an anachronism. It was set up in the Second World War to satisfy the demands of the British and the American Governments which, apart from their political influence over this country, became monopoly suppliers of crucial goods.

A Spatial Index of Cost of Living

Ashok V Desai Dearness allowance can be fixed on the basis of a spatial cost-of-living index.
It is impossible for non-official economists to construct such an index for a sufficiently large range of commodities arid cities and to keep it up to date.

Economics-Intensity of Investment Decisions

Economics-Intensity of Investment Decisions Ashok V Desai Public Policies and Private Investment by John F Helliwell; Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1968.

Fertilisers and Hydrocarbons-Projections Upto 1980

Fertilisers and Hydrocarbons Projections Upto 1980 Ashok V Desai Ramesh K Bhatia These projections show that the basic choice is between the import of crude oil for refining and the import of ammonia.

Who Keeps His Money in the Bank

Ashok V Desai from banks to the rest of the economy. While cash holdings do limit bank advances, the quantum of deposits is determined not by advances but in virtual independence from the quantum of advances.


than that. The failures of great organisers, according to him, have also emanated from the failure "to provide channels for promotion" in the organisation. Ideology, class interest, moral ethos, conscious determination of the voter, all seem to be irrelevant for him in political organisations. The opposition, in his view, has scored only because of new electoral techniques "rather than due to any appreciable shift in voters' preferences".

Export Performance after Devaluation

Ashok V Desai Is the fall in export earnings after devaluation due to a decline in the volume of exports or in the unit prices of exports?
While we have no direct evidence to answer the question one way or the other, if we look at internal prices we find that prices of commodities whose exports are moving have, by and large, risen substantially while prices of those whose exports have fallen are stagnant or even depressed.

Growth and Cycles in the Indian Economy 1951-1964

Ashok V Desai The study of the growth of the Indian economy attempted here brings out the slowdown in the rate of growth of machinery output and the growing bias towards consumer goods in the pattern of growth.

The Agricultural Situation in the Coming Year

Ashok V Desai The general opinion on crop prospects this year is very optimistic; forecasts are being made of a record harvest of 95 million tons.


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