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Craze for Foreign

November 8, 1969 1962) and Herbert F Lionberger: "Adoption of New Ideas and Practices", (Iowa State University Press, Ames, 1960). For references in Indian settings, see Udai Pareek: "Behavioural Sciences Research in India: A Directory", (Behavioural Sciences Centre, New Delhi, 1966) and S N Chattopadya: "Psychological Correlates and Adoption of Innovations", in T P S Chawdhary (ed): "Selected Readings on Community Development", (National Institute of Community Development, Hyderabad, 1968), 36.35.

Big Farmers of Punjab- Some Preliminary Findings of a Sample Survey

This paper presents some partial and preliminary results of a sample survey of large farms in Punjab carried out in the summer of 1968-69.
An idea of the expansion of large-scale farming in Punjab may be had from the fact that land owned by farmers with more than 20 acres increased by about 9.5 per cent between 1955-56 and 1967-68. This average, again, hides a significant range of variation in the rates of expansion. Farms of the size group 20-25 acres expanded by only 4 per cent whereas those in the size-group 100-150 acres expanded by 40 per cent.

More on Returns to Scale in Indian Agriculture

Ashok Rudra In an earlier article in this journal the author had presented some farm level data that failed to indicate any dependence of yield per acre on farm size. He had suggested that since it has been claimed that the aggregated Farm Management data reveal an inverse relationship between size and yield, it should be examined whether there was something in the aggregation process that had given rise to a spurious statistical relationship.

Farm Size and Yield Per Acre

Many economists have doubted the correctness of the finding in Farm Management Study Reports that yield per acre declines as the size of farm increases. This brief article carries forward A P Rao's work, published earlier in this journal, of rigorous testing of the hypotheses and results of these? Reports.

Half a Dozen Vietnams

Half a Dozen Vietnams Ashok Rudra WHAT the United States of America faces in Vietnam is a halt to the steady course of victorious progress it has known during the last several years in its struggle for the containment of communism and for world domination. Ever since Krushchev's capitulation over Cuba, the United States has undoubtedly and decisively been the winning side in its titanic struggle for power with the Soviet Union. It has been able to use the tactic of nuclear blackmail to neutralise USSR intervention in one problem spot after another. The tacit agreement between the two super powers to avoid any frontal clash has meant, in actual practice, the USA getting away with all types of direct and indirect, military and non-military, interventions without any matching counter-moves by the USSR. The disastrous defeat of the Arab armies in last summer's almost comic five-day war and the almost total destruction of the Soviet-built UAR military might has also to be treated as a major setback for Soviet strategy. It is not only the USSR that has been reduced to the role of a passive spectator before this rise of American Imperialism to unchallenged supremacy. China, with all its tall talk, has continued to allow itself to be policed by the American Seventh Fleet and has cautiously held its hand over Formosa, Hong, Kong and, of course, Vietnam.

End of Honeymoon

resources, the short-sighted views expressed, by the Chief Ministers in the National Development Council. Perhaps, the obsession is unhealthy.
May be. But it doesn't seem all that unhealthy if you look at India from this Capital city. December 4.

French Planning for India

Ashok Rudra Planning in France has indeed been exceptionally successful. Also, there are some very special features in the way French planning has evolved since the second World War.

Familiar Marxist Analysis

Familiar Marxist Analysis Ashok Rudra Economics and Politics of India's Socialist Pattern by EMS Namboodripad; People's Publishing House, New Delhi; Rs 20, Pages 419.

Juggling Exponentials

Juggling Exponentials Ashok Rudra On the Theory and Measurement of Technological Change by Murray Brown; Cambridge University Press, 1966, pp xii + 214.

Use of Probability in Economics

Ashok Rudra Econometricians confound the notions of inexact or approximate with that of stochastic.
The econometric application of probability theory is an example of the use of hypothetical populations in situations where no means exist of the hypotheses being tested.


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