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The Island of Dr Marx

The Island of Dr Marx Ashok K Upadhyaya SUMANTA BANERJEE's article (January 23) is a welcome indictment of the 'theory' and 'practice' of orthodox marxism and the 'socialist' countries embodying them. Too long has the task been monopolised by 'western' Marxism; that a vocie from the Third World, and specifically India has opened the political cupboard, is only to be appreciated, all the more so since the 'revolutions' have occurred principally in backward countries. We fully concur in the need "to challenge the accepted shibboleths of the Communist movement and seek alternative strategies and tactics to achieve the goal of a classless society. . ." but Banerjee falls to challenge the shibboleths because of his fundamentally ambivalent perspective of the history of revolutions.

Peasantisation of Adivasis in Thane District

Ashok K Upadhyaya This paper attempts to trace the historical process and patterns of tribal exploitation in Thane district.
When British colonialism assumed political power over western India in 1818, it inherited two principal problems in Thane district. On the one hand, a multiple, often confusing revenue system; and, on the other, a large tribal population which fell outside the pale of any regular revenue system, practised slash and burn cultivation and sometimes indulged in what the British called 'gang wars'. Over a short span of three decades the British introduced in this region the raiyatwari land settlement and settled the tribals to a semblance of regular cultivation.

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