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Government by Ordinances

intelligent Kashmiri Pandits remained loyal to him defying nationalist and religious loyalties.
It is probably also a tribute to the Hindu society that despite his radical atheism, iconoclastic beliefs and rejection of claims of Indian nationalism, he and his family remained very much part of Hindu social and cultural life.

Dismantling the Authoritarian Structure

Two judicial decisions were among the proximate and direct causes of the declaration of the Emergency on June 25, 1975. It is, therefore, not altogether surprising that one of the principal thrusts of government action during the Emergency was to attack the independence of the judiciary and the destroy the balance of our Constitutional institutions.

Law and Power

Law and Power The British imperium which was formally established by the first trial was coming to its close by the time of the second trial. The INA trial of Capt Shahnawaz, Capt Sahgal and Lt Dhil- Jon in 1945 was held with scrupulous regard for procedure. The defence led by Bhulabhai Desat raised an issue of international law and challenged the jurisdiction of the tribunal over the Government of Azad Mind. Auchinleck as the Commander-in-Chief sensed the political pressures and confirmed the decision of the Court Martial but remitted the sentence of transportation.

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