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Let Indian Muslims Not Repeat the Mistake

the Mistake Asghar All Engineer The leaders of Muslim Personal Law Board, on the election eve, are again indulging in fanning communal passions and aiding communal politics in the country.

Asangaon Riots Not a Communal Disturbance

Disturbance Asghar All Engineer The Bombay riots of 1992 and 1993 and the subsequent bomb blasts have so damaged the inter-communal relationship that almost every violent incident in the city or its environs are being termed communal. A case in point is the riot in Asangaon, which though portrayed by the media as communally motivated was hardly so.

Communal Violence in Kanpur

Asghar All Engineer With the creation of new political equations in which the lower castes are acquiring some measure of power, upper castes will increasingly resort to communalising caste tensions.
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