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Old Delhi in Grip of Communal Frenzy

Old Delhi in Grip of Communal Frenzy Asghar Ali Engineer IN big cities, old walled areas are more usually riot-prone for a variety of reasons. It is true of Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Baroda and several other places. Firstly, these areas are very thickly populated with a maze of narrow winding lanes and bye- lanes. For mischief-makers it becomes easier to operate in these narrow lanes. Secondly, low income group people with a high level of unemployment and a low level of education and self-employed petty traders with closely knit communal relations live in these areas. Mostly there are separate communal enclaves, with less scope for a wide range of intercommunal relationships. (However, recent experience shows that now even areas with a much wider scope for intercommunal relationship are becoming riot- prone in a number of places.) These conditions are comparatively more congenial for breeding communal violence. Thirdly, such highly populated areas with narrow lanes and bye-lanes prove securer havens for antisocial elements to operate in. Crime is an integral part of urbanisation in capitalist societies and crime tends to become an integral part of politics, both secular and communal, specially the latter as it also helps legitimise crime as well as criminals. All this explains to some extent why the walled parts of certain cities-easily become riot- prone, given certain other conditions.

Meerut The Nation s Shame

Meerut: The Nation's Shame Asghar Ali Engineer MEERUT is an important town in UP some sixty kilometres from Delhi. Its population is around onamillion of which Muslims constitute 4.5 lakhs, i e, around 45 per cent. It is known for its weaving, brassband and scissors industries. These industries are controlled both by Hindus and Muslims, though the Hindus can be said to be the senior partners. Nevertheless, Muslims in Meerut could be said to have made it economically. But all this is now in a shambles.

Bohra Reformists and Galiakot Struggle

Bohra Reformists and Galiakot Struggle Asghar Ali Engineer THE Bohra reform movement has shown the way not only for modern secular and democratic reforms, but also in fighting with all determination against corruption and gross misuse of religion. What is more important in this respect is the militant participation of women in large number, especially from Udaipur, the nevere-centre of the reformist movement. These women recently fought resolutely for their right to visit the Galiakot shrine which is 150 km from Udaipur. The Bohra high priest who has been using religion as cover for his political and financial interests, maintains illegal possession of various Bohra shrines and mosques and denies entry to all those who dissent and expose his corrupt practices.

Communal Holocaust in Amravti

Communal Holocaust in Amravti Asghar Ali Engineer AMRAVTI is an important trading centre in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, The most important trades are of cotton and film distribution. The trading in cotton is controlled by both state co-operatives and private cooperative societies. Film distribution is in the hands of private individuals and companies. Amravti is also a centre of gambling in this region the dens being controlled by powerful underworld elements. Thus Amravti, a city of around 4.5 lakh inhabitants, has quite a disproportionate number of anti-social elements in its population.

Gagged and Bound

November 15, 1986 degree of monopoly is a reflection of actual market manifestations, the flow of investi- ble funds follows from the actual nature of operation of the capitalist system, which in turn is linked not to factors like future expectations but to realised profits now, and so on.

Gujarat Burns Again

Gujarat Burns Again Asghar Ali Engineer Tanushri 'GUJARAT burns again', 'Maharashtra engulfed in communal fire', 'Allahabad up in flames', 'UP sitting atop heap of communal gunpowder' are some of the recent headlines in newspapers. Caste and communal hatred has completely gripped us and there seems to be no way out. Our constitutional secularism is being torn to shreds and we have to wring our hands in despair. Com- munalists of all hues have built up a powerful propaganda machinery and they are operating it most efficiently and to its full capacity. The voice of the secularists on the other hand is nothing but a voice' in the wilderness. The politicians mouthing secular slogans are hypocrites, to say the least. They will thunder in favour of secularism in their public speeches and perpetrate the worst kind of casteism and communalism in their electoral politics.

MAHARASHTRA- Engulfed in Communal Fire

MAHARASHTRA Engulfed in Communal Fire Asghar Ali Engineer IT appears almost banal to say that communal violence has become our way of life and yet how profoundly true it is. When banalities begin to acquire profundity should we not be alarmed? But perhaps we have lost, as Iqbal said, our very sense of loss. We are no longer alarmed even by the most dangerous developments. Our intelligentsia has also fallen victim to the psychology of waiting for avatars and prophets.

GUJARAT-Communal Violence and Police Terror

GUJARAT Communal Violence and Police Terror Asghar Ali Engineer THE atmosphere in Ahmedabad is highly communalised for number of reasons. The whole city is now divided on caste and communal lines. The whole criminal force in the city

Middle East in Hyperboles

Middle East in Hyperboles Asghar Ali Engineer Holy War by Wilhelm Dietl; Macmillan Publishing Company, New York;
THE turmoil in the Islamic world has attracted the attention of a large number of western scholars and journalists. Most of these books, are written under the influence of certain firmly held stereotypes and hence utterly fail in explaining the deeper roots of the turmoil in the middle east which the Americans choose to term as near east. Zionist fanaticism is no less severe than Islamic and yet the western media does not project them as such. They are projected as most modern and secular, in no way bloodthirsty like the 'barbarian' Arabs. Not only this, their American and western allies like the Saudi Arabia are also treated differently. They are not projected in as adverse a way as other Arab countries.

THE PHILIPPINES-The Moro Struggle Seen in a Wider Perspective

Wider Perspective Asghar Ali Engineer THE PHILIPPINES THE people of the Philippines are seething with discontent and boiling with rage. The Marcos regime is losing its legitimacy to rule with every passing moment. It is not only seen as anti-people but also a puppet regime of the US. It has perfected the most brutal methods to suppress voices of dissent. The more insecure it feels, the greater the repression it resorts to.

Communal Fire Engulfs Ahmedabad Once Again

Communal Fire Engulfs Ahmedabad Once Again Asghar Ali IT was on March 18 that the agitation against enhanced reservations for the Backward Castes had turned communal when after a successful Bandh Muslim houses were set ablaze in Ahmedabad city. The communal disturbances continued for a couple of days in that phase claiming 19 lives (14 in police firing and 5 in stabbings) and causing severe injuries to 52 persons and damage worth Rs 3 crore to property. The army had to be called in to assist the civil authorities. However, by the end of March the situation seemed to be under control and the authorities felt confident enough to withdraw the army.

AHMEDABAD-From Caste to Communal Violence

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