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Indian economy and society are facing a tumultuous start to the 21st century. Statistics may show record-breaking growth rates since 1991. Yet, the truth is that formal employment, especially in the corporate sector, has been stagnant, leading to mounting demands for caste-based reservation for government jobs. India is now, effectively, an outpost of global finance. We have preyed on our own culture and ecology, while the economy we chose to import hides our torn social fabric. Beneath the glitter that our politicians wish to plug is the ugly truth: cultural colonisation is at a historic peak, while we march confidently towards ecocide.

The Lokavidya Standpoint

Lokavidya Perspectives: A Philosophy of Political Imagination for the Knowledge Age edited by Amit Basole; New Delhi: Aakar Books, 2015; pp xi + 471, Rs 1,195.

Overpopulation The Great Red Herring

Overpopulation: The Great Red Herring?
Aseem Shrivastava The environmental crisis we face today is a complex consequence of forces connected with technology, the economic system and demography that were released in the wake of the industrial revolution. While population growth might have exacerbated the crisis it is certainly not the source of it. If the neo-Malthusian prescriptions currently being offered are followed, not only will human rights in the third world stand compromised, but the real reasons for the environmental disorder will remain unaddressed.

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