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BIHAR-Landlords Mafias in Bhojpur

January 3-10, 1981 said in this connection at his meeting with the Forum of Financial Writers:
I am a little bit puzzled about the way the industrial community has been responding to the various concessions given by the government to reactivise the industrial investment in the economy. Whatever problems they have faced in the past are being looked into and are being redressed speedily. Industrial licensing has been made more simple by cutting out a lot of red tape; automatic increases in capacity upto a certain extent have been allowed; in many cases excess capacity over licensed capacity has been regularised; soft loans have been sanctioned for rehabilitating and modernising certain crucial industries and a variety of exemptions, rebates and tax holidays have been given. Therefore, I do not know what exactly comes in the way of the industrial community's coming forward to take advantage of all the incentives and increasing investment.

BIHAR- Using the Naxalite Bogey

Using the Naxalite Bogey Arun Srivastava FOLLOWING the steps initiated by the Harijan cell of the Home Department, the Bihar government issued orders to the District Magistrates and the Superintendent of Police that they would be fully responsible for checking atrocities on harijans, adivasis, and people belonging to the weaker sections of society. In case of even minor slackness, strict action was to be taken against the concerned officers. The government also issued instructions that, where atrocities are committed by landowners and people of the richer sections of society on harijans, adivasis and people belonging to the weaker sections, or where there is my dispute over land and likelihood of use of fire-arms against the latter, the firearms of the landowners and rich oeo- ple should be confiscated. Yet, in the Pipara massacre itself, even the preparing of the FIR and the framing of the charge-sheet took nearly 15 days, And this span of time was enough for the sharks to disappear into the deep.

BIHAR-Trade Union Murders in Dhanbad

special representation for the Scheduled Castes. A reserved constituency existed under the Durbar, but it was abolished when Lal (the Governor) and Kazi took over with fulsome promises of an egalitarian ethos in which special protection would no longer be necessary. They are both now convinced that an unpopular ministry needs the additional support of a captive MLA.

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