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Transgressive Secularism

Akeel Bilgrami's article (EPW, 28 January 2012) generates a lot of enchantment. But he also transgresses its signifi cance by a discussion of Gandhi's project as non-secular, by his binary projection of religious fundamentalism and by his un-dialectical scrutiny of Charl es Taylor's redefi nition of secularism.

Gramsci Is Dead But Resurrected

Gramsci Is Dead: Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements by Richard J F Day;

Gramsci Today

How relevant are Gramsci's ideas in relation to the economic, political and ideological developments obtained in India today? Gramsci anticipated some of the new questions such as hegemony and addressed old problems such as a state-sponsored civil society in a refreshing way.

Violence in a University

The report of the Anveshi Law Committee on the rustication of 10 dalit students of the Hyderabad Central University presents the case as primarily one more instance of the anti-dalit attitudes and practices on the campus and implicates almost the entire university community. Most seriously, the Anveshi perspective is an attempted justification of violence in conjunction with identity politics.

Dalit Common Sense against Hindutva

can help in keeping the emancipatory project alive in theoretical exercises.
In the last few pages of this volume, Pantham discusses problems faced by and the role expected of Indian political theorists. Following Kothari and Kaviraj he, too, emphasises that 'original' political theorisation of Indian society "can be found not in the writings of the academic social and political scientists but in the praxiological works of...thinker-leaders of our national/freedom movement" (p 186). While there is no need to contest this fact, it is not necessary to lament it either. Moral- political' theorisation of social reconstruction is very unlikely to follow from the exercise of professional academicians. Left to academicians, theory may only become more sophisticated and in the process less concerned with social reconstruction.

Mass Line Revisited

Readings in Revolution and Organisation: Rosa Luxemburg and Her Critics, Lenin/Trotsky/Stalin/Lukacs selected and introduced by Sobhanlal Datta Gupta; Pearl Publishers, Calcutta, 1994; Rs 180.

Idealistic Equations

Idealistic Equations "Once upon a time a valiant fellow had the idea that men were drowned in water only because they were possessed with the idea of gravity" (K Marx, German Ideology).

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