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India s Imperial Commitment

India's 'Imperial Commitment' Arun Banerji The Economy of Modern India, 1860-1970 by B R Tomlinson; The New Cambridge History of India series, Cambridge University Press, 1993; pp xvii+234, including Bibliographical Essay and Index, Rs 325.

Not a Recipe for a Millennium

Not a Recipe for a Millennium Arun Banerji Inview of the gravity of the debt-servicing problem as it will emerge in no more than three to five years, is not the public entitled to get the facts and informed projections from the country's central bank? Transparency is no less-fundamental for the balance sheet of the nation than in the case of the balance sheets of ordinary financial institutions.

Colonial India in World Economy

Arun Banerji India in the International Economy, 1858-1913: Some Aspects of Trade and Finance by Nabendu Sen; Orient Longman, Calcutta, 1992; pp xiv +

Wanted a Report with a Touch of Class

Wanted a Report with a Touch of Class Arun Banerji The Central Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India is, in theory, a hand-picked body of persons many of whom are expected to possess insights into some segment or the other of the monetary and financial world of India. Their annual pronouncement on the health of the economy should, therefore, be marked by 'wisdom' and not just technocratic excellence, though even that is sometimes missing.

The Presidency Banks

The Presidency Banks Arun Banerji The Presidency Banks and the Indian Economy, 1876-1914 by Amiya Kumar Bagchi; published on behalf of the State Bank of India by Oxford University Press, Calcutta, 1989; pp xv + 277 and bibliography and index,

Balance of Payments Evading the Real Issues

Real Issues Arun Banerji To go from the treatment of the external sector in the Economic Survey, 1988-89 to the budget speech of S B Chavan is a disappointment. Whereas the Economic Survey makes the categorical statement that the balance of payments "must be a priority area for attention in short-term economic management", the finance minister seems to have felt no such compulsions.

Towards a Monetary History of India

Towards a Monetary History of India Arun Banerji The Imperial Monetary System of Mughal India edited by John F Richards; Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1987; pp viii + 373, index, Rs 210.

British Rule and the Indian Economy-Agenda for Fresh Searches

Agenda for Fresh Searches Arun Banerji Some recent works on the Indian economy in the nineteenth century have not shown enough regard to certain important aspects of India's external economic relations in the last century, quite apart from not covering some essential components of the balance of payments like the capital account and its composition and trends. The serious and pervasive negative effects of one of these components on the performance of (he economy is not perceived and, therefore, not.analysed. Within its brief confines, this paper is an attempt to rectify some of these deficiences.


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