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The Social Formation of the Indus Society

Aparajita Chakraborty This paper attempts an analysis of the dynamics of social formation under the Indus valley civilisation on the basis of material and analysis available in the works of historians, anthropologists and archaeologists. It aims at a political-economic interpretation of history based on the works of a few scholars who have dealt with the subject from a materialist standpoint. The author has attempted to synthesise the analyses and conjectures of these authors with a view to arriving at a comprehensive and consistent model of the economic structure of the Indus valley society with its dynamics.

Tenancy and Mode of Production

Aparajita Chakraborty This paper examines the significance of tenancy as a relation of production in agriculture and, in that process, criticises the widespread, almost universal, assumption in Indian writing on the question that tenancy is necessarily and integrally a characteristic of pre-capitalist relations, often described by sections of the Left as 'semi-feudal'.

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