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Iraq, US and Europe

An unanticipated change has come about in international affairs. The US no longer feels easy with its former allies in Europe, who had only three months ago supported the passage of the UN resolution authorising the declaration of war on Iraq. This development needs to be properly understood in the context of the current period of acute uncertainty in international geopolitics.

When a Communist Becomes Prime Minister of Nepal

Minister of Nepal Anirudha Gupta Whatever the future may hold, the historic significance of the recent elections in Nepal cannot be minimised. Not only is it the first time that a communist combination has come to form an elected government in the country but also, a healthy precedence has been set for the practice of parliamentary democracy by the king inviting the leader of the party with the largest number of seats, in a hung parliament, to form the government.

England Then and Now

related to development and tribal struggles were presented by a number of other academics and activists. These included Lancy Lobo of the Centre for Social Studies, Surat, Illina Sen of Raipur, Manoj Saudagar of Nagpur and Bernard D'mello of Bombay.

SOMALIA-Way to World Disorder

Way to World Disorder?
Anirudha Gupta One finds a striking convergence of the goals the US and the UN are pursuing across Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Does this suggest the emergence of an alliance between the world organisation and the superpower?

Themes in Nepali Politics

Anirudha Gupta The king and the Nepali Congress constitute two extreme poles of Nepal's political tradition: the first of Nepali nationalism, the second of multiparty democracy. The communists constantly manoeuvre between these two-to exploit the situation and earn the distinction of being both nationalist and democrat.

Neighbours and Borders

South Asian Democracies: Old and New Anirudha Gupta Can the political order in South Asia's new democracies remain immune from the decay and disorder that have overtaken the region's older democracies, India and Sri Lanka?

Neighbours and Borders

FRB have manipulated interest rates and the dollar to bankroll its Himalayan deficits. The dollar's slide over the last decade amounts to a systematic devaluation to meet the demands of a US economy in crisis, although that dirty word has been eschewed. That policy has failed too. Financial markets have not forgotten Nixon's expletive revealed in one of the Watergate tapes: "I couldn't give a shit for the lira".

Neighbours and Borders

Democracy in the Himalayas Anirudha Gupta The state of the ruling Nepali Congress, the absence of a democratic alternative to it, the course of relations between parliament and the palace, the position of the army and, above all, the extreme disparities in Nepalese society are ail cause for unease about the progress of democracy in Nepal THE advent of democracy has let in a ray of hope and gaiety in Nepal's political life. One senses this while mixing with the crowds which gather round TV or radio to hear the.budget; or in street-corner cafes Tilled with smoke and heated debate.

Bangladesh Democracy-Dhaka-Style

Dhaka-Style Anirudha Gupta 'Ganotantra' takes on as many voices as there are slogan-shouting mobs on Dhaka's streets. It is perhaps the Golam Azam affair, which brings out the dimension of 'democratic' aspiration in the country.

Gossip as Instant History

Gossip as Instant History Anirudha Gupta India Trapped in Uncertainty by Inder Malhotra; UBS Publishers, New
SOCIAL scientists offer jargon as serious analysis; journalists their gossip as instant history. Both, presumably, must make a living; but should they also write books?

The Left and Indian National Movement

The Left and Indian National Movement Anirudha Gupta Nationalism and Marxism in India: Quest for People and Power by Bibekbrata Sarkar; Kalinga Publications, Delhi, 1990; pp 207, Rs 200.


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