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Judicial Reform vs Adjudication of Personal Law

A keen understanding of the intricacies of the procedural aspect of personal law and internal hierarchies/fissures within the community in question need to guide our vision of judicial reforms. Considering the bias that exists in terms of class, caste, gender and religion in the implementation of law, one wonders what would be the real gains of bringing personal law more and more within the purview of the policing system. This article looks at cases brought by Muslim women to the Kanpur darul qaza seeking maintenance and/or divorce and finds that these women do not lack agency. They also approach different legal forums to resolve their personal and domestic issues.

Kaumi Ek Jayate

A report on an ecumenical event held in Kanpur that was organised by the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind .

Determinants of Expenditure on Education

Using a panel of 15 major states from India, this paper examines patterns and changes in the allocation of government funds for education, particularly higher education, over a span of two decades, before and after the introduction of the new economic policies. State real per capita income, with elasticity less than one, is found to significantly enhance educational expenditure at the aggregate, elementary, secondary and higher levels. Moreover, contrary to general perceptions, education expenditure at all levels has been significantly lower after liberalisation vis-à-vis the pre-economic reform era. This is particularly detrimental for the vulnerable sections of the population, i e, for females and backward social groups. It is evident that even after controlling for the economic reform process, privatisation exerts a negative significant impact on expenditure on higher education.

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